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Travel to Ireland and Thin Places

Where the veil between this world and the eternal world is thin

Tours for 2024-2025

Thin Places Mystical Tours

These are spiritual tours focused on sacred sites in the landscape, earth energy, and the myths, stories and history associated with the sites.

What are Thin Places?

What is so special about thin places? How do we experience these sites?


Video on thin places

Three minute video on thin places and how they change us.


About Mindie Burgoyne

Learn more about writer and tour operator, Mindie Burgoyne

Mindie B.

Why Thin Places Tours

At Thin Places Mystical Tours we offer our guests an authentic experience of the rich and mystical Celtic landscape. Our guests travel in a small group venturing deep into the country. We visit sites that are hidden and not on most other group tours, and are not easy to find on self-drive tours.

Everything mystical in the Celtic landscape comes alive on a Thin Places tour. You will be able to touch the ancient stones, pray in the old monastic ruins, absorb the energy around you, and connect with your ancestors. If your sensitivities are keen, you will walk in two worlds. You will become an image in a timeless landscape.

On a Thin Places Tour you will ...

  • Travel in a small group (under 25)
  • Have a full-time guide and a private coach
  • Meet and learn from local guides and storytellers
  • Overnight in vibrant towns & cities
  • Have your evenings free to explore the towns
  • Experience all aspects of the sacred landscape

Check out our schedule of tours to Ireland and Scotland.

We craft our tours to be flexible and relaxed. We don't rush. Each tour is focused on a region so most daily travel distances are short. But every tour includes the ocean, mountains, valleys, villages, cities and all the beautiful, natural elements of the country.

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